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Updated: Nov 12, 2020


JOIN US ON 15 NOVEMBER 2020 at 11am to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. For your free participation BOOK HERE

People in Scotland have always given a warm welcome to those fleeing persecution. Scottish communities treat refugees for what they really are: parents at the school gate, work colleagues or valued volunteers, neighbours and friends. We have heard so many heart-warming stories of enriched lives on either side of the fence.

The numbers are staggering:

"According to the Scottish Refugee Council, 41% of the respondents in Scotland would welcome more people claiming asylum; 66% support husbands, wives, partners, and children being allowed to join refugees in Scotland, and 45% were willing to welcome extended family members too.”


Nonetheless, the survey does highlight challenges that we are already aware of, concerning negative attitudes towards migration in general.

We are very conscious of the negative rhetoric that persists, especially in the press which feeds into our cultural scripting.

The term NEW SCOT was coined in Scotland to enlarge Scottish identity to include those born outside of Scotland and willing to make Scotland their home.

We invite you all New Scots to join us as we attempt to write a Poetic Constitution for Scotland and take part in our discussion

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