Taxi Driver

inspired by real-life events

Hope, fear, precariousness, intimacy and laughter behind the wheel on the roads of the West of Scotland


Our Story

TAXI DRIVER is a film about the poetic reality of life behind the wheel: the beauty, the fear, the precariousness and the laughter as a woman taxi driver as night falls on the landscape of the West of Scotland. The film fearlessly meanders through a year of the Driver's life to share the times of bonding, secrets, utter terror and shared hope and laughter to show the reality of women's work under the most extreme conditions. 

The film is written and produced by Effie Samara, a writer and doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow and a UNESCO Affiliate Artist. Effie is winner of the European Cultural Foundation Award, the Chancellor's Fund Award and the Playwrights' Studio Scotland Award. Her first film, A Poetic Constitution for Scotland was granted the British Academy and the Being Human Festival grant. Effie's published work includes Performing #MeToo: The Performative in the Political (Intellect 2021) and Sartre and de Beauvoir (2017). 




The University of Glasgow is a pivotal force in the concept and the making of TAXI DRIVER. Through the long association with the writer and producer, they provide technical and production support to the project and facilitate the writer's research and insights in Social Science at the highest level.