Taxi Driver


Short Film

Hope, fear, precariousness, intimacy and laughter behind the wheel on the roads of the West of Scotland


The Story

TAXI DRIVER is a film about the poetic reality of life behind the wheel: the beauty, the fear, the precariousness and the laughter for a woman taxi driver as night falls on the landscape of the West of Scotland. The film fearlessly meanders through a year of the Driver's life to share the times of bonding, secrets, utter terror and shared hope and laughter to show the reality of women's work under the most extreme conditions. 

Supported by Creative Scotland and NEON NARUS Trust

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Photo Virginia Vassilakou



TAXI DRIVER Installation will be at the SCOPE GALLERY in Paisley between 20-24 September 2022. 

The TRIPTYCH created by VIRGINIA VASSILAKOU, comprises of three parts of a TAXI DRIVER's multifaceted experience. Night shifts interchanging with day shifts weaving into passengers's lives and diving further into their real fears and backstories. The taxi-as-motion and the taxi-as-rhythm are explored across the cinematic frames layered with disjointed dialogue and a music score by Virginia Vassilakou which highlights the fear, the claustrophobia and the uncertain borders between public and private space. The semi-immersive experience is designed to operate on the spectator's/participant's senses and memory and transgress the boundary of visual and acoustic affect.  

The TAXI DRIVER Installation aims to energise an artistic form of citizen advocacy for positive change and a wider commitment to reflective practice. The creator and cinematographer are both engaged in artistic practice with an activist perspective, generating empathy and passionate engagement and reaching audiences who otherwise would not habitually engage with art or performance. The COVID pandemic has further highlighted the energy of these initial proposals as well as the need to revisit the idea of space as a public/private topological enquiry. This will now be inaugurated at the Scope in Paisley with the Installation and Q&A. 


Jacqueline J Wilde actor

Karen Herbison - actor

Kat Hamilton - actor

Abbie Robertson - actor

With special thanks to Philippa Tomlin and Jodie McCue

TAXI DRIVER short film will premiere in Scotland and across Europe in December 2022. 

Further announcements will be made in due course.  




The University of Glasgow is a pivotal force in the concept and the making of TAXI DRIVER. Through the long association with the writer and producer, they provide technical and production support to the project and facilitate the writer's research and insights in Social Science at the highest level.