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Under the lens: Poetic Constitutions

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Follow us as we prepare to create a Poetic Constitution for Scotland

Between the twelfth and the thirtieth November 2020, a team of six actors, two Directors of Photography, one theatre Director, one writer and hundreds of participants will be creating/devising/improvising a Poetic Constitution for Scotland

“The James Arnott Theatre in Glasgow is an iconic space. With the traditional audience seating removed, it becomes a journey through time and place, a testimony of Glasgow's indefatigable struggle for equality, social justice and plurivocity”

You’ll be posting a timeline of creativity and theatricality as we put Scotland's Poetic Constitution under the cinematic lens. Complete the DIGITAL CONSULTATION

We invite all Scots and New Scots – at home or abroad – to take part in our consultation to share and explore what Scotland means to them.

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