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The COVID pandemic presents us with a global challenge. It necessitates a discussion on how we build a caring, sustainable future and in redefining our PRIORITIES and notions of love and care. CARE-ing is a new combined art project  with PEOPLE as its priority: those PEOPLE who have taken on the responsibility of CARE-ing, as paid or unpaid workers.


Supported by academic research, CARE-ing will foreground the experiences of care workers in the UK during COVID and present tools of mental health empowerment to those in care work by offering new ways of expression, awareness and communication.  We are principally focusing on East London and looking to examine care work from the historical, institutional and community-led perspectives in a culturally diverse environment. More detailed descriptions of the project can be found here 

The project will culminate in a 2-day CARE-ing FESTIVAL in London in June 2022. 

Email us or connect with us via Instagram @ThinkingActs or Twitter @redwomentheatre


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