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In the 2014 UK referendum on the question of remaining part of the European Union, Scotland voted to remain. Since then, the UK's departure has triggered a powerful debate in Scotland on who Scotland is and what she aspires to be in the near future.

THINKING ACTS' Chair, Effie Samara was winner of the European Cultural Foundation Award

through culture that we can advance the European project through a sense of unity and common belonging. The European cultural model surpasses the question of heritage and is based on the freedom of expression, copyright, and cultural diversity.

Based on postcolonial methodology and the ideals of cultural justice and inclusivity, Scotland  in Europe became a political and poetic project aimed at addressing and healing Europe's colonial past with her cosmopolitan philosophy of freedom and ethnic and cultural diversity. 

We reached more than 3000 Scottish participants of diverse backgrounds and energised a debate around belonging, community and civic participation. We focused on the existence of shared experiences of marginalisation and resilience and the restorative work of imagining a new Scotland in Europe and alongside the world.

We worked with futures as raw material for the creative process and resist against harmful reactionary ‘othering’ through imagining and building radical futures that build on resilience, solidarity and creativity.


- Excellence and experimentation across the arts, screen and creative industries is recognised and valued as a reparative, reconciliatory and politically empowering tool.

- Expansion and promotion of full access to creativity and artistic experiences for marginalised and disenfranchised groups

. Transformation of places and quality of life through imagination, ambition and an understanding of the power of diversity.

- Connectivity, diversity and skilled Leadership•

- Scotland's distinctiveness as a creative nation connected to the world.

- Trans-European advocacy of the imperative of cultural justice, equity.

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