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In collaboration with CHORUS Arts Lab and the Joao Garcia Miguel Theatre in Lisbon, Caring Europe is PERFORMANCE activism: emb

odied STRUGGLES, allegiance and SOLIDARITY amongst the peoples of Europe

CARING EUROPE aims to Generate a new performative, participatory and critical space for the European question. we are looking to create an artistic space for the construction of the self and its relationship with a social and relational ecology, a kind of equidistance, solidarity, fraternity, between the different people, origins and ethnicities; a creative/ artistic space (theatre) which is an inspiration for the people of the XXI century for the sustainable development of a co-humanity, of a humanity in communion with itself.

In the first phase, the project focuses on the cities of GLASGOW, ELEUSIS and LISBON. Details of the online platforms will open soon. We will be asking a wide target group three urgent questions on our identity, solidarity and shared citizenship as people of Europe:

A. What Does It Mean to You to you now to be Scottish / EuroAfrican Portuguese/PALOP’s / Greek?

B. What is it to be a citizen of Europe?

C. What is it like to be a citizen of the XXI century? This project is based on this disease/feeling of lacking a home

For any enquiries please contact us at thinkingscotland@gmail.com

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