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DRIVING TAXIS: Scotland's women in focus

Scope Gallery, Paisley 22-24 September 2022

Created by Virginia Vassilakou, the installation is a triptych of three parts of a TAXI DRIVER's multifaceted experience.

Night shifts interchanging with day shifts weaving into passengers's lives and diving further into their real fears and backstories.

Beginning its journey at the SCOPE Gallery in Paisley, Taxi Driver aims to energise an artistic form of citizen advocacy for positive change and a wider commitment to reflective practice with an activist perspective.

Inspired by a true story, TAXI DRIVER is a film about the poetic reality of life behind the wheel: the beauty, the fear, the precariousness and the laughter as a woman taxi driver as night falls on the landscape of the West of Scotland.

Taxi Driver is scheduled to open at venues in Europe and across Scotland in December.

Director Virginia Vassilakou


Jacqueline J Wilde actor

Karen Herbison - actor

Kat Hamilton - actor

Abbie Robertson - actor

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