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We COMMISSION original ART and research with core and new partners  

We synthesise insights and knowledge exchange / sharing  

We focus on 

FRAGILE and RESILIENT cultural work in communities in conflict.

ETHICAL  and re-conciliatory arts and cultural work in decolonial contexts .

USE PERFORMANCE as a means to explore and share relevant strategies for conflict transformation

We create ARTS and cultural work for the promotion of individual wellbeing


We OPEN up questions and ‘translatability’ of practices to different contexts.

We ENGAGE in ongoing critical reflection on the internal dynamics of the network as it employs conflict transformation strategies also to work collaboratively. The synthesis of findings, and divergence of approaches, will offer innovative insights in relation to theoretical, methodological and policy-oriented questions.

We DRAW together expertise from a range of disciplines (i.e. theatre studies; arts practice; languages, literature and cultural studies; gender studies; anthropology; sociology; postcolonial studies)

We BUILD on on and expands established academic and non-academic collaborations with a range of partners based in fragile contexts and contexts of conflict and protracted crisis.

THINKING ACTS addresses political and social issues through ethical research, participatory art and engaging civic responsibility.

We look directly at social reality: we listen to you and put action into the making of Concepts and Imaginings.


We create platforms for perpetual communities in debate


Our aim is to

ask difficult questions


identify and transform social conflict. 


find sustainable solutions

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